(GAYYYYY)The Abused Teen and the Alpha (boyxboy) werewolf love story (GAYYY)

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Yuki Natsumi Vantameter By KeikoKaela Completed
I woke up on the cold floor of the basement yet again. My face was still sore from last night. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 9am. Great first day back and I'm already late. I limped up the narrow stairs. I went through the empty house stepping over beer bottles and half eaten food. Just a big mess I'm going to have to clean up later. I got into the shower letting the hot water hit my bruises. Only two more years to go, then I can get out of this hell hole. 
    ~What happens when you find out when your sexy teacher has a huge crush on you? who happens to be a werewolf
Oh gawd
Why would he leave him alive?!?
                                    He needs to die before he causes more problems in their relationship!!!
I just realized that he is shirtless right now because he tore his shirt off before he went to Sam's house!!
this is the best day of my life air maxes were next that air bubble that mesh
@Iwasheregetoverit  is it me but are your hands always In the air
Best two lines ever....not going crazy, already insane.  Just love it!