(GAYYYYY)The Abused Teen and the Alpha (boyxboy) werewolf love story (GAYYY)

I woke up on the cold floor of the basement yet again. My face was still sore from last night. I looked at my phone and saw that it was 9am. Great first day back and I'm already late. I limped up the narrow stairs. I went through the empty house stepping over beer bottles and half eaten food. Just a big mess I'm going to have to clean up later. I got into the shower letting the hot water hit my bruises. Only two more years to go, then I can get out of this hell hole. ~What happens when you find out when your sexy teacher has a huge crush on you? who happens to be a werewolf
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@AugustakaSQUISHY. oh, I'm pretty sure it's gonna get "hard", if you catch my drift. . . ;3
@melis900 I love you your my new bff don't take the I love you thing weird I'm a boy and gay
Actually its not complicated you're just making it that way. Give in to the sexy beast that's totally not hard.
OMGG!! i  hugged Harry.... well kinda..I bumped into his shoulder so same difference... NOOO ITS NOT!!! How he gone say they were KINDA holding hands
@smaguire @pig_girl101 oh, goodness I think I must've miss read it. But it was still really funny. Thanks for correcting me.
@smaguire   Lucas doesn't have a brother. He's the beta's son and Tristan is the alpha.

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