Heal Me: When the Alpha meets the Rogue

Andrew Pears, Alpha of The Red Claws, had long given up on finding his mate. At 23 years old, aside from his pack responsibilities, he had turned himself to his career and to countless women and endless rounds of meaningless flings and sex. Until one night, one mysterious rogue she-wolf trespassed their territory. As the Alpha, he has the responsibility to end her life. What will happen when he discovers she was his long lost mate? Will he be able to trust her knowing that she has secrets that can complicate everything? Can he protect her from the demons that are threatening to destroy her life?
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@MyZebraCake  because every chapter of this book IS named after a song from paramore.
@Callmeshyyy I think he cut off his mindlink so his pack doesn't hear him whore around
@Callmeshyyy I was thinking the exact same thing! maybe it is the distance?  but that shouldn't matter right?
if im not mistaken wolf can communicate with there pack members with there mind link right? why do they need to used CP... (just curious :/)
@JBubblesJ that does creep me out now that I think about it. Also. If we are, we are basically intruding on a private meeting.
@Fleurchen i think its an iv drip tube or something already attatched into her hand so thatit is easier to inject them with things

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