Fall - Luke Brooks Love Story

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Harrys_Kryptonite By Harrys_Kryptonite Updated 10 months ago
Natalie Walker is your average 16 year old girl. She goes on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, does all the stuff that regular kids do. Not to mention she's a pretty well known YouTube star. One day she discovers the Janoskians, a group of boys who post videos of themselves just for laughs. They soon become friends and relationships start to stir up. What'll happen next? Guess you'll have to read and find out (;
feelmybonesignitee feelmybonesignitee 8 months ago
I literally love this story so much! If its no trouble could you take a look at mine?
TisRoyalbyblood TisRoyalbyblood a year ago
Love the story! I showed Luke and he liked it too! I'm actually with them right now watching TV at their apartment
nhobrien nhobrien a year ago
This has made me so happy because my names Natalie :') please read my story!! Xxx
lilkitkat12345 lilkitkat12345 a year ago
The girl is just like but friends with da janoskians and i dont live in sydney or youtube or 16
fistmecalum fistmecalum a year ago
Please update!! I love this so much!! Like honestly my favorite fan fiction EVER!! Love you :)
fgurerox fgurerox 2 years ago
multi-tasking eh?
i hav a feeling im gonna lov this story