The Exception [Naruto] [Discontinued]

~ Formerly known as Heiress Of The Uzumaki Clan; Changed 5:22PM 28/10/12~ ~ You can adopt this story if you want, give it the love it deserves. I don't mind, just ask! :) ~ With the Ninja World War over, Naruto is left the hero of the Hidden Leaf! He is reserved for the seventh Hokage and has gained the acceptance of more people than he ever thought possible. He has fulfilled his dreams and we couldn't be more proud! With a new goal, He is determined to find any more Uzumaki's left in the world. With the knowledge from his mother that there is indeed one (possibly more) left he wants to find them. The Heiress of the Uzumaki Clan. And if you know Naruto, You know that he wont stop until he has fulfilled his goal! Believe it! ~Disclaimer: All rights and original characters belong and are entitled to Masashi Kishimoto. The plot line and heroine is mine and I take full responsibility for her and maybe future characters along the way.~
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Before I started reading it. I added the story to my lilbray. Its gonna ROCK. ! Can't wait to read more!!!!!!
I thought Sakura only said she loved naruto for his benefit, because he was going after sasuke... Never mind. I'm loving the story so far
But anywayz.... this story sounds interesting I can't wait to read more. Am going to save it in my library ^-^
Ok, the cheering because he thought he could order sakura to be intimate with him was priceless. Lmao.
@PickledPuppy It's alright :) I make them too when I'm in a rush haha. I love the concept of this story though, really. I can tell it's gonna be awesome.
@PickledPuppy In my first story, I was too lazy to proofread, plan, etc. Now, I don't even know how to finish it. Most important part of writing = PLOT

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