The Miracle Child

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There have been many legends woven into history, some tell of mighty warriors, others of how this world begun, but there has been one legend that has been passed down from generation to generation, every planet, star and universe knows of this legend and they know the cost if this legend was to happen. They say a child born to a race lost in war was to destroy the most dangerous thing in the universe, but no such child has yet been born and so the universe keeps on turning, forever waiting for The Miracle Child.
For various reasons this is my third wattpad account and yet I always come back and find this story and you - the moffatminion.
Wow. That was amazing. Doctor who and Harry potter!!!! (Fan girl scream can be heard in the background...) I've always wanted the doctor to have a daughter (besides Jenny and the 1st-8th doctors). It's sweet that her name is Amelia.
It's good.  Really good.  The names are familiar to me... I wonder why? haha Great job! seriously its sooo good!
This renders me speechless. I cannot explain how much I am in love with this.
OMG!!!! YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! THIS IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER!!! (but not by much :D I still love the original!) :D and I must say now, I don't usually read crossovers, but this one is just too amazingly great to pass!!! Just hurry up and post the second chapter!!! I'm dying of suspense! :D