Distance. *Sequel to "Try not to fall in love with any of the boys."*

(Sequel to "Try not to fall in love with any of the boys.") Annie Styles is returning to the UK after an Australian tour, mass chaos over the tabloids claiming her and a certain Niall Horan have been romantically involved (in which they were), and a new CD coming out Needless to say, her life has been pretty hectic since the BRIT awards. When Niall and Annie's management dismisses any ideas of them being together, they team up (and enroll the help of the other lads) to let them be together in secrecy. Will the pressure of fame break them and their relationship? Will the distance be too much? Will Ed Sheeran be featured in this? Who knows, read it to find out.
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I pictured her to be annasophia robb from the carrie diaries but with darker hair
IN AMERICA, WE EAT BURGAS TO MAKE U PLUMP AND READY FOR COOKING. I didn't say anything.... I'm not creepy at all...
Yes the love of your life is coming to see you (note the drama)
and if Niller spends the night use protection
Yayyy hes planning to see her OH WAIT!! she's doing the same! Cooool! *starts jumping and squeals like crazy* lol
Lol 5 minute 32 seconds lol and im portuguese and half british but my accent is sometimes british and sometimes american for some reason and i dont know why
Well "just Harry", you're gonna go to Hogwarts, get a f^cking owl and you're going to be happy about it..

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