Loving Again? and Again?. (Don't Give with our love)

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_minnie_Loveyou21 By _minnie_Loveyou21 Updated a year ago
Sheena have been inlove by her childhood bestfriend were they shared memories to each other but oned day she try to confess to him but her childhood said she doesn't love her. Will this be a trauma to sheena and will never love again? but what if he meet another guy again that will break her heart? Who will she choose? The one who broke his heart in the first time or the one who broke his heart for the second time?
acusibelle acusibelle 2 years ago
OMG ! kakanosebleed yung prologue aa. pero. nice. thumbs up :)
Cookies_iloveyou Cookies_iloveyou 2 years ago
Bongga! Ang prologue! Nakaka nose bleed! Wahaha love it my magnet ba to bat nahatak ako? XD Wahaha.
Xesnain Xesnain 2 years ago

Ito po face ko (PROMISE!!!) habang binabasa ko ito...
Ka-NOSEBLEED Prologue mo Jateh!!! Ikaw na!!! >_<
emielyn emielyn 2 years ago
@minnie_Loveyou21, PROLGUE palang kasi MAGANDA na! pano pa kaya sa pinaka story! pasisikatin ko to! :DD
emielyn emielyn 2 years ago
i think, your story will be so amazing!
start palang po ehh, maganda na! susubaybayan ko to! :DD
keitelyn keitelyn 2 years ago
Aww you write very well Compare to mine haha :) I like your prologue it made your story so interesting keep it up. Cant wait for your first chapter! :))