I didn't know the guy I fell for was my teacher!

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What if you leave for a ski trip with your parents for winter break, and you happen to meet this guy who is not only hansome, he's charming, funny and completely sweeps you off you feet?

This happens to Elena. Her parents are never there for her, but they take her to a ski resort for her 18th birthday. She meets Cole. A hansome, all around guy that any girl could fall for. But what happens when she leaves to go back to her life in Cali, keeping touch with him through texts and calls, and arriving at school only to find out that Cole is also her new History teacher!?
Correction for all people reading for the first time: No brother Charlie, but a sister. His dad is alive, but his name is either Daniel or Jason, and his mother's name is actually Lucy. So, just a heads up. :) #rereader
Okay so if this was me, i wouldn't deny it. If I was falling then I would be falling. ;)❤️
This reminds me of The Vampire Diaries❤️ i remember reading this book before and thinking the exact same thing☺ #rereader❤️
It's funny how people think that's tall when my uncle is 6'10"
now i just turned thirteen yesterday and the only thing i've done with my boyfriend was hold his hand