I Didn't Know 'He' is a 'She'

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_katemonk7 By _katemonk7 Updated 2 years ago
Max has had a rough life so far. Going to a new school for about the twentieth time, she gets a bad start there. She had her encounter with the jock, Brian. Now comes his girlfriend, Susan. Seeing the 'handsome boy' she is, she takes pity on her. And, without knowing that Max is a girl, flirts with her. Max reveals her secret to everyone. Read it to find out how Susan reacts to this news.
dannydisciple dannydisciple 2 years ago
pretty good! so that dumba$ Brian doesn't give two s***s about her, i mean what a heck? if u dont care so what's the use of being stuck with such assshole!!!:???=)))
dannydisciple dannydisciple 2 years ago
yeah a lil bit rushed up action but in fact it's a good start, first day first trouble!!:)) 
may I ask you smth? pleease, just do the chapters longer! i like to read long chap. coz i kinda zone out in the plot of the story! 
cheers !!:)
jojo1821 jojo1821 2 years ago
Did she tell her she was a girl plz update again soon I really like this story