Blake Holmes

Blake Holmes is special. She is the great great granddaughter of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, whom her grandmother used to tell her stories of, but she never believed. Now her Grandmother has died from cancer, and left Blake her apartment and possessions as her own. One night Blake discovers evidence of Sherlock's existence, and her whole life is thrown into turmoil. When her best friend Jackie Watson's little sister is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger with the key to Blake's past, it's up to her and her new found Sherlock solving skills to save the day and bring back Jackie's sister. Can she do it? Grab your deerstalkers and pipes and find out!
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@BoBo99 deal. we shall arrange for the daeth of Ginny *shudder* Potter at a later death
Oh and I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of Elle Fanning so se won't be getting a wave from me :(
Sorry babe <3
everytime someone says cancer, Ithink of Edd... then I get sad.. I miss you Edd, amazing chapter Jojo
Oh myyy goooosh thats is soooo cool!!! This book is gonna be A-M-A- ZING i can just tell!!!


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