Promise's (1D fanfic)

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I_Smell_Music By I_Smell_Music Completed
Niall Horan is apart of the world famous boy band,One Direction. Life for him is amazing that is until he is taken hostage. He is ripped from his 4 best friends and family and thrown into an unfimilar world. He also meet Faith Evans,a girl who was also taken from her life 4 years ago. Will they escape? Will they ever get their lives back? What happens when Niall starts to feel different around Faith? Can he keep his promise and save her?
ziyasta ziyasta 2 years ago
You might wanna fix your title. Grammar mistake. Promise's should be promises
music4eva music4eva 2 years ago
OMG!! I read this story a while ago and Im not one to cry but this story brought me close to tears!! You are and AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SUPER-TALENTED WRITER!!! I can't wait to read the sequel!!
vivianuh vivianuh 2 years ago
I love your name!!!!!! I have a really long/ unique name but the nickname i have gets quite a few comments. @I_Smell_Music
chilebeans chilebeans 2 years ago
lol temple runn :) that's reallly cute. I love the plotline, it's so unique and it's not one you usually see. like, ever...aha. Great descriptions, i think it's awesome. Keep it up :)
Kaleidoscopes Kaleidoscopes 2 years ago
Haha, temple run! Great game, I can't blame them. c: This is a really cute little story so far <3 oh, and I love your name, Storm is such an awesome name.
4Brits_and_Niall 4Brits_and_Niall 2 years ago
I love your name!! Who cares if its not "normal" it's beautiful :) my name isn't normal either and my middle name is Jenny but I don't ask people to call me that instead. Be proud hun. You're a great writer too!! :)