Promise's (1D fanfic)

Niall Horan is apart of the world famous boy band,One Direction. Life for him is amazing that is until he is taken hostage. He is ripped from his 4 best friends and family and thrown into an unfimilar world. He also meet Faith Evans,a girl who was also taken from her life 4 years ago. Will they escape? Will they ever get their lives back? What happens when Niall starts to feel different around Faith? Can he keep his promise and save her?
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I love your name!!!!!! I have a really long/ unique name but the nickname i have gets quite a few comments. @I_Smell_Music
Haha, temple run! Great game, I can't blame them. c: This is a really cute little story so far <3 oh, and I love your name, Storm is such an awesome name.
This is so awesome! It's really interesting to read a 1D fanfic that isn't from a girl's point of view! I look forward to reading more :) xxxxx
LOOOOOL! The bro-ny scene and the phone bein dropped Ono the toilet xD ahahah I love that lmao
This is really good ! I'm not into fanfics but this is actually interesting and not cliche at all ! I like it (:
I do not like fan fiction, but this was actually really good, not cliche at all :) good job!

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