District Zero *ON HOLD* (I hate writer's block).

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Thomas Chapman By Thomas Chapman Updated 3 years ago
I HATE WRITER'S BLOCK. Sorry to let all of you who are just getting into this, down. If you have noticed, I have been missing from wattpad lately, but i'm coming back with the first chapter of a completed full length thriller/paranormal story, that I have been writing in my free time away from THIS free time (that is, wattpad). My decided title for the finished product is, "The Wrong House". First chapter coming as soon as I have time to upload it from my computer(:
I find your writing to be unique. The plot seems interesting and your character is very likeable. So I'm definatly voting, and since this chapter was good, I'm checking out the next one :)
@Chapacabra "11 year old son" > "eleven year old son."

No problemo. xD
Wow, your summary was really grabbing! I can tell that your plot is going to be very interesting! I think you have a really good writting style and you do a fantastic job with your structure and providing easy flow! *voteing!
You've created a supper compelling read that readers of all genres can appreciate. I loved your use of descriptive details and your writings natural flow. This was a chilling read that had me hooked from the start. :)
You did a good job on this. The description gave me chills. Added to library.
Ok, here's what you need to fix: NOTHING! This was an amazing first chapter:) I definitely am going to keep reading! Very good, and creepy cover!