In Myself (Probably Never Gonna Finish... You should read my new stuff)

Xander is your average 17 year old rich boy who goes to your average snobby private school, aside from the fact that he can see the future. Miria is you average awkward new girl, aside from the fact that she caught Xander's attention. When Xander discovers that her future doesn't look to bright, consider that fact that she's going to be kidnapped, he becomes obsessed with protecting her. What will happen to Miria? What else will Xander discover?
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love it!!! hurry and finish writting chapter four!! i love were its headed!! bye love!!xx :D
I love the little hint of attitude that you gave Miria when she introduced herself. keep it going.
I lobe how you start it. The details and dialogue are pretty even. Sad at part... Good job!
Wow! this is super good! girl keep up on this! seriously and it realy deserved a vote!
I really like how you write...... 
You've got great descriptions and lovely details. 
Interesting chapter!
It's very well written and detailed. Can't wait to read more!
Please Update soon!

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