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rich By rich Updated a year ago
The unfinished story of a talking cat.
pbitty pbitty 2 months ago
This is awesome.  Since I read this, I started changing my cat's water way more often.  Thanks Smokey!

When will hear more from Smokey?
dim0402 dim0402 3 months ago
How Ironic!! I have an orange Tabby, Leo. My best friend has a Black cat, smokey!!
mccvey mccvey 5 months ago
"Is Smokey really that much of a jerk?" He's male cat for good ess sake. it's not like a teenage guy or something, well, close... but still.. I have a male cat, if he can read and understand english, he would scoff and laugh and stroll back to my cousin's lap.
natural_Beuty natural_Beuty a year ago
im really picky although im not a good writer myself but this doesnt make sense is all.
Lol my rabbits name is smokey. 

Anyway this is amazing!! Love jt
havt265 havt265 a year ago
@natural_Beuty woow you hate everything dont you 'natrul'_beauty