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rich By rich Updated 2 months ago
The unfinished story of a talking cat.
pbitty pbitty a month ago
This is awesome.  Since I read this, I started changing my cat's water way more often.  Thanks Smokey!

When will hear more from Smokey?
dim0402 dim0402 a month ago
How Ironic!! I have an orange Tabby, Leo. My best friend has a Black cat, smokey!!
mccvey mccvey 4 months ago
"Is Smokey really that much of a jerk?" He's male cat for good ess sake. it's not like a teenage guy or something, well, close... but still.. I have a male cat, if he can read and understand english, he would scoff and laugh and stroll back to my cousin's lap.
natural_Beuty natural_Beuty 10 months ago
im really picky although im not a good writer myself but this doesnt make sense is all.
LovetheCookieMonster LovetheCookieMonster 11 months ago
Lol my rabbits name is smokey. 

Anyway this is amazing!! Love jt
havt265 havt265 11 months ago
@natural_Beuty woow you hate everything dont you 'natrul'_beauty