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MusicxXxGuru By MusicxXxGuru Updated 2 years ago
How Luke Casey ruined my life: one, he humiliated me my senior prom; two, he flirted with me five years later, completely not knowing who I was; and three, and possibly the worst out of all these......He made me fall in love with him all over again.
LovaticMinion LovaticMinion 2 years ago
Son of a bitch! I wanna hit him in all the wrong places! But so far i love it! :)
afelzy afelzy 2 years ago
I like it soo far, Casey kinda reminds me of Liam mixed with leander
songbird95 songbird95 3 years ago
This is the 3rd book of yours that i have read , I really love all the stories that i have read your a really good writer