Carter Brothers: Dane (Rated R novel)

[Book 1 of the Carter Brother Series *Can be read separately*] Rated R novel (some chapters are Rated R. Also please note: Chapters 2, 12, 13 are private. You can either fan or read them in the separate book called 'Rated R Private Chapters' on my profile fan free. Dane Carter is the youngest of the Carter brothers and at 18 he's only got a few more months until he finishes school. After which he inherits one of the family BDSM clubs. Good thing he's already found his mate then! But Dane never chased Emery because he never believed she was ready for his kind of lifestyle. Now that he's caught her with a very raunchy book he's ready to claim what is his! And he won't stop until she's stripped, tied up and screaming in pleasure for him. But with a jealous cheerleader adamant that Dane should be hers, Emery may be faced with the tough task of fighting for her mate.
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I like it,but you should mention it's werewolf considering the word "mate" is associated with alot
LMAO I like the beginning of the story and he's so rude for taking her heated book. Poor Emory. I like her name every cute
A wonderful story and not your typical romance so I was vary happy. I am planning to read the next one and I hope it continues to be a great series
I may know how she feels I have come close to getting cought reading inapropiate things..... Awkward xD
You have already caught my attention before this but now I'm even more hook. Love and can't wait to read more
I like this already! i fanned added it to my library and i am now commenting....

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