The Bow & Arrow Girl ~Completed~

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charmspokenx By charmspokenx Completed
Allia Ilios is a 14-year-old demigod daughter of the Greek god Apollo living in the Outer District of Panem after the Rebellion and Aftermath.  This is the one and only year she will eligible to compete in the Demigod Games.  Will Allia follow in her older brothers' footsteps and win the Demigod Games for the Apollo team?  Or will she get to stay home and do her normal activities while one of her best friends is being murdered?

Enjoy. =)

*~Hunger Games / One Direction / Percy Jackson Fanfic~*
missclairex100 missclairex100 2 years ago
@Calypso_17 no no no im not saying your cover is crappy, im saying in real life, that bow is only twelve inches long.
missclairex100 missclairex100 2 years ago
this is my favorite mix of fanfics! i love hunger games, percy jackson, and 1D.... except the bow on the cover is actually kinda crappy, its only 12 inches long... anyway the book is good!
artemisarrow56 artemisarrow56 3 years ago
its awesome!!!!!! if you like that kinda thing try a mix-up and confusion between two worlds its like yours. Sorta.