This is the original version of HIM. Mystery, Psycho-Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Science Fiction, and the Kitchen Sink! This story takes place 30-years-after the zombie apocalypse! A deranged serial killer during the pre-zombie apocalypse is loose in the city. HE’S kidnapping woman! What HE does with HIS victims is a mystery. Read about the manhunt that is so sick and twisted that you’ll never look at another zombie story again! The new version can be found over here: HIM [The Revised Edition] http://www.wattpad.com/28195959-him-the-revised-edition-psycho-zombie-horror Sorry I'm not editing this version. Thanks for understanding.
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On my phone it looked like a secret message so I spent 5 minutes trying to crack the 'code'
Haven't even read it yet,but u have me courious. I love horrer,and all the implies...
Creepy... love it. Your imagination is so vivid & bizzare... i honestly hope this book gets made into a mini series or something in near future.
I haven't even started to read this yet and I'm intrigued! You describe things very well, even when your not trying to!
@RichardStaschy That awesome to know. I read the story first under the title Lifelines on my phone :)
@RichardStaschy haha can't wait a bit busy tonight with hockey playoffs obviously hence the profile pic haha.

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