Lily Anderson is all alone in the world. Brought to Russia by her abusive guardian and then abandoned, she grows up alone and trusts no one. She steals money from the pockets of unsuspecting people in the streets so she can survive. One day she tries to pickpocket Adrian Cole, who catches her in the act. He's mysterious, smart, and not to mention drop dead gorgeous. However, he doesn't want to let her go. There is something dark about Adrian and it's obvious he's hiding secrets. But Lily, afraid of trusting people, tries to push him away. She's terrified of him but can't help but be attracted to him. Will she accept his secret once she finds out what it is? --I know, I'm not good at summaries, but give it a try. You know you want to (:
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its really good but try to very your sentences lengths. for example it there are a lot of long sentences back to back throw in a short one and vis versa
This is a really great book. And a lot of people are reading it so don't underestimate yourself
that was intense... i don't even know why but i found that hilarious that she got caught, but super excited on how he's going to react to her! (:
When I read that the guy was 6 foot 8 inches tall , I was shocked! I mean, Holy Crap, he's a giant! This book IS great so far!
Love your book so much!! I'm awaiting your next upload.... Hopefully it'll be soon!! :D
Have been waiting for an update for so longggggggg please update soon I love this story xxx

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