Earth Bound

Delaney Taylor is a guardian angel in training. In all her eighteen years of existence she has managed to be over looked when the time comes to make the annual visit to Earth. Her elders say that she is too young and immature. But on her eighteenth birthday a mission arrives at the pearly white gates that can only be fulfilled by her. Delaney must become a regular high school student at Fieldwaters Academy and find out why so many students are going missing. It's not going to be as easy as she first assumed though when she finds herself fascinated by the schools heartthrob, Brody Collins. His strange, alluring human qualities might just be enough to distract her from her mission. And if that is the case, who else will go missing while her back is turned? All she knows is that if she fails she could be banished from Heaven and be earth bound forever.
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This is a wonderful prolog, short 'n sweet as well as having great detail that will really help set up the reader to better understand the story.
i love guardian angel stories!  also, god put a lot of pressure on her shoulders haha
really grabs you. i love a stores that do that. I saw a few mistakes with grammar but other wise i loved it
This story sounds very very unique and original. I think you did a very good job and this is surely a story everyone can enjoy!
Hooked. Love reading stories about angels and the trailer was what got me interested. I like how it's a girl guardian angel and not a guy haha.
Really good start :) i really like this story :) its amazing and also the trailer is amazing :) gonna read more lol

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