Wanderer: Fury

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_Mojo_Smileyface By _Mojo_Smileyface Updated a year ago
Zena, somewhat lost in the dark, cold depths of space, is frantically trying to get in control of herself and figure out who she is.
With everything becoming desperate, she finds she is slowly losing control of herself, and Zena, once so powerful and pure is becoming corrupted. 
Will she ever be that Creation Goddess she once was, will she ever salvage the broken universe? Will she ever lose that Fury and become part of the Light again?
SeriousMoonlight SeriousMoonlight 2 years ago
You had some beautiful descriptions, I could really see her surroundings and feel her emotions. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Blastee Blastee 2 years ago
Like kevhill below, I too agree that while your stories are great, your grammar is something which requires some work for your books to become much more enjoyable. Also, in the summary/description of this book, the sentence ought to be "lose that fury" and not "loose that fury".
KevHill KevHill 2 years ago
Having read the first book and almost caught up on this one,I felt I must comment.
The storyline is great, well thought out. Unfortunately your grammer lets you down.
The incorrect use of words is something you need to work on.
The_Romance_Writer The_Romance_Writer 2 years ago
You've probably heard this before but u have a really good description. I like the flow of your words and how them come together so well. U did a good job and I enjoyed reading
moviegeek moviegeek 2 years ago
Great but you might want to consider the being in the hot desert air breathing in the night because it actually gets quite cooll at night in a desert :) but great description!
lovelucie lovelucie 2 years ago
I haven't read the first book but I read the first page to get an idea of how you write and... WOW! you are really good!