Children of War: A Hunger Games Fanfiction

One thousand years of treacherous Hunger Games, a fight to death on live television, has passed, yet the Capitol, ruler over the fourteen(12 and 13 were rebuilt and a new one, 14) districts, are still bloodthirsty. President Zephyr Sanguine is in control of the planning for the fortieth Quell. Every twenty-five years, a Quarter Quell comes with a special theme. This year, twins will be reaped. Twenty-five will fall, one will prevail. Could it be the brute Artemis Celsus or even the young twelve year old Echo? The land of blood awaits for the tributes. Let the 1000th Hunger Games begin!
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Omg love it I love hunger games ask any question from books or movies and I will know it!
I am just starting out on a fanfic of hunger games, plz check it out! Don't hate me for advertising 
Oh, wow. How dare he? Like if he wanted to be in the Games, why not a year when he didn't have to drag his sister along? Gosh I feel sorry for her!
Zazia sparks.. How'd you come up with that? My middle name is zaiza. Pretty close eh?
He really aggravates me. Like REALLY. I'd gladly shoot him... in the face... with a flamethrower
@Falluous Do you say 'Save and Publish' For each chapter or do you upload it chapter by chapter? 'Cause I said Save and Publish for my first chapter

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