Words Hurt (An Anti-Bullying Poem)

This is for anyone who has ever been bullied in any form. You are good enough despite what other people say. Stay strong.
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amazing poem! it really speaks for the people that have commited sucide because of a bully. this really spoke to me. in love!
this is an amazing poem and I just learned about poetry and I can what you did ou had done couplets. the words all rhymed amazing job!
That was amazing I have never read anything like it in my life it has so much meaning it feels like you wrote that poem for me its amazing trust me :)
I have never been bullied very badly but thank you for making this poem, it was beautiful.
After reading this, i actually sang it and thought of making a cover. It's amazing :)
Hi there. Im a singer. Id really like your permission to turn this into a song. Plz message me with your thoughts

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