Words Hurt (An Anti-Bullying Poem)

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RelentlessChaos By RelentlessChaos Completed
This is for anyone who has ever been bullied in any form. You are good enough despite what other people say. Stay strong.
This is so beautiful, I've been a victim of bullying and I have been thinking suicide lately, I needed this, thank you.
@Dontbelievemewatchme if antone has ever wronged you, it is their mistake. 
you are not weird, you are unique 
you are you and should always accept that. the more you listen to the bully, the more you think their right.
' The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one.'
thank you for writing this amazing poem. i have been bullied and you just made me feel happy inside. thank you again.
this needed to be said for everyone who has ever been bullied, like me. thank you! you're stronger than you'll ever know! xx
dud like fr u could write books and poems ur like the second John Green here. you need to publish this everywhere they will love this i swear ur like my fave
 im sobbing sad and happy tears. Happy because i hope bullys will see this and sad bcuz ive been bullied too and did self harm but not the cutting part or anything drastic but banging my head against the wall hard and stuff