Words Hurt (An Anti-Bullying Poem)

This is for anyone who has ever been bullied in any form. You are good enough despite what other people say. Stay strong.
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I realized that  you used words from the songs "good enough" and "ease" from evanescence
wow that was really deep I've been bullied by seventh graders in my school I dont often think of suicide   have and this poem really helped that thx so much
I've been bullied and  thought of killing myself because I never thought I was good enough but thank you
@RelentlessChaos Thank you so much!!! I'll let you know what they think, and if it makes them 'see the light' and realise that their actions are wrong! :)
@RelentlessChaos that's stupid. Which means we just have to show them we are stronger rt? Probably give them a scare
I almost cried at this I was bullied for two years and It caused me to have olsers . im better now and ill never forget how mean they were to me

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