Words Hurt (An Anti-Bullying Poem)

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RelentlessChaos By RelentlessChaos Completed
This is for anyone who has ever been bullied in any form. You are good enough despite what other people say. Stay strong.
@-rocker_kitty- I live somewhere like Florida far. I still live in the U.S
I definitely won't judge that you love Luke. I too love people who I know won't love me back. And plus I never judge people.
I'm crying!!!! I'd cry if someone poked me,but it's so good,and so sad,and so happy and so-I'm just gonna shut up now
Hay maby we can meet up??? IN A PUBLIC PLACE,stranger danger,but we all start out as strangers,maby we'll end up friends???
@-Rocker_Kitty- Ill try my best to keep her happy.

And I really wish I could meet you in person and hug you and tell you everything's going to be ok.
Amazing. This stuff needs to be said. I have been bullied before. We can end bullying