Words Hurt (An Anti-Bullying Poem)

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RelentlessChaos By RelentlessChaos Updated 2 years ago
This is for anyone who has ever been bullied in any form. You are good enough despite what other people say. Stay strong.
niallhoranslays001 niallhoranslays001 12 days ago
dud like fr u could write books and poems ur like the second John Green here. you need to publish this everywhere they will love this i swear ur like my fave
unikitty137 unikitty137 3 months ago
 im sobbing sad and happy tears. Happy because i hope bullys will see this and sad bcuz ive been bullied too and did self harm but not the cutting part or anything drastic but banging my head against the wall hard and stuff
xxSugarXSpicexx xxSugarXSpicexx 4 months ago
I realized that  you used words from the songs "good enough" and "ease" from evanescence
turtlenecktomlinson turtlenecktomlinson 4 months ago
this poem is so sad but amazing it gave me goosebumps,speachless
Reddzz Reddzz 5 months ago
wow that was really deep I've been bullied by seventh graders in my school I dont often think of suicide   have and this poem really helped that thx so much
jordanforever jordanforever 5 months ago
I've been bullied and  thought of killing myself because I never thought I was good enough but thank you