Dear Diary,

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_heyymynameispia By _heyymynameispia Updated 2 years ago
I don’t like you. My mum reckons that keeping a diary will let you know about the “good old days”. I told her so many times that I’m too old for a diary, but nooo, she gave me one anyway. I’m always asking her about the days of her childhood, but I think she’s getting sick of it now. So she decided to throw you at my face as I was sitting on the toilet doing my business. So yeah, we meet while the eagle was landing and you’ve smelt my crap... Smells good doesn’t it?
HTMwrites HTMwrites 2 years ago
hahahaha! ahh ur 13? lmao..makes me feel ALOT better about being out of touch. lol. 
I think you're doing a really great job then considering your age, it's hilarious and right on the mark,

Thanks and have a great day :D