The Art of the Hustle

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Self-made billionaire, Trevor Morrison, recounts his life from being a poor kid from a small town to creating one of the largest companies in the world, all before his 30th birthday.

A true underdog tale is told in The Art of the Hustle. When Trevor Morrison graduated high school, he was desperate to find his purpose in life. With a lack of money and viable options at his disposal, he eagerly took advantage of the first opportunity to come his way.

The harsh realities of the world were soon revealed as people who he thought he could trust betrayed him. The only thing that he could count on was his hustle – namely his wits and his insatiable desire to forge ahead despite a multitude of setbacks.
Now this is GOOD..!
Totally different from what I usually get to read on wattpad!
What a fine book. In some of the parts i got so excited that i literally started squeking out loud. Haha
Just completed illicit Behavior and began this magnificent book. Thank you.
Loved this novel man. It was so detailed that I swore I was there
TREVOR MORRISON! ISN'T HE THE ONE IN THE PAINTING IN MAXIM MORRISON'S OFFICE IN PRODIGY?? Is he Maxim's grand dad or something? (Since he can't be his father, being in different eras and all..)
Got recommend to me, coulda sold an arm and a leg for it. Its fast paced and I love it already. 

Super late right now, will save to read when I wake up. Voted!