Lies, Mindless, ACTION! *sequel to Its No Secret Im MINDLESS*

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shushuizmindless By shushuizmindless Updated 9 months ago
Lexi's life as a superstar ended quickly because it didn't turn out... how she expected it, so she returns to America. But when she accidently took Princeton's journal instead of her own, she needs to go back and get it. 
Meanwhile, the boys are gonna be starring in the latest hit movie, "King of Queens" and everything's all hyped up, with more romance and drama. 
Little do Lexi and the boys know, they are in for a bookload of drama. Read this sequel to the hit wattpad fan fiction, "It's No Secret I'm MINDLESS", "Lies, Mindless, ACTION!"
AyeeNeisha AyeeNeisha a month ago
Yess !! Yay!! I'm so happy uu made a new book ☺️ thank uu
Janaai_ Janaai_ a year ago
im all late but i LOVED the first book. im new to waattpad so i just read it and i just started this one. Keep it up girl ! Love ya <3
mindlessjay_1008 mindlessjay_1008 2 years ago
So prince wants nicki minjas ass-tronomical worksheets hmm... i see
lol,,, i read the last book like three times and im lovein the sequel.. kerp it uppp
SweetIced_TeA SweetIced_TeA 2 years ago
it's princeton journal.. and he a fool for that lol. Lexi should go from milans princess to an actress and have to kiss princeton in the movie.. they feel sparks and them BAM they together. :D
Roleplayers97 Roleplayers97 2 years ago