The Unaware Mate (Watty Awards 2012)

Blane and Allison are best friends they know the ends and outs of each other. Allison loves her soon to be Alpha boy friend Steff, and Blane loves who ever the wind blows his way at the time. Until Blanes 18 birthday when he finds out that Allison's not only is his best friend but also is his mate. Love is never as easy as it seems, someone always ends up heart broken or worse....
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it was a really good start.  i think blane might be starting to feel a pull towards her, thats why he was staring at her
Great story and love the pics cuz it helps to put the story in my head like watching a movie. It's probably sounds silly but that's how I think.
I love the girl that's playing allison! She's sobpretty(: 
ps ur and amazing writer
dun dun dun I LOVE IT! and allison being drunk...lolz! i have a friend named allison, but that's never happen to her. Shes a goodie goodie ;)
AWESOOOOME! But just one thing I want to point out, instead of 'since you incest', shouldn't it be since you insist? Yeah.
Lol....Allison thinks  Steff is hotter than Blane? Personally i think Blane is hotter.... Lol... but I love your story!!!

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