Don't Give Up

"I'm pregnant." and "I never cared." are two deadly sentences that Aerial Mason never wants anyone to say to her. So how ironic is it when those exact words are said by her best friend and the one she loves the most?
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^ ya'll be acting like you smoke but you know you're only 10 years old. Don't try and act cool by saying you smoke weed -.-
I'm not popular, but my New Years resolution is gonna be to do what I want without being conscious of how others see me :3
If she was smoking weed wouldn't she be high and wouldn't they have seen that she is CLEARLY NOT HIGH
Attention Seeker
Most importantly a good for NOTHING bestfriend
@Marinaandthedinomnds I doubt aslong as you dont let it get in your head and just remember who was there for u first u will b fineeee
even tho i have read the whole story, I still don't like clarice and I wish she didn't forgive her.

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