Baby Bella

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iLoveYou4Evr1 By iLoveYou4Evr1 Updated 9 months ago
Bella was left at only a few months old. Emmett and Edward find her....but can the Cullens really raise a human such as Bella without hurting her? not to mention Bella is the most delectible smelling thing the Cullens have seen. Read on to find more about Bella and the Cullens and there struggle to really raise a child.
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I don't think his age matters plus its not going to be exactly like twilight
Love the trailer!! You have a very unique writing style. Love it!!
maybe she wanted him to be older than he is? or it could just be a typo. idk, and I don't care either. this story is still cool :P
@Antoinette2001 that's tru but still. Sometimes we just need the book and calculator to hav it figured out.
I swear one day I'm gonna b like Alice and do that to my sister just to carry my bags.