~My Sweet and Funny One-Shots~

These are my PG13 oneshots. Since Wattpad marked all of my oneshots as Private, these were the only ones they would give back to me so that I could keep them on my page. All of them are in the LGBT category, mostly boyxboy. Enjoy! <3 I will post a link on my about me to the first story on my privated oneshots. There, you should be able to read them all.
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WAIT. WHAT THE... I didn't even get the vibe that....... OMG.....
I FELT like, crying out.....WHAT...... okay.......
AND YOU LIED you said SWEET and FUNNY not sad and depressing .the worst part is this story is a true one!(or along the lines of true)
This really captures the feeling of depression  -  almost too realistic!
Very well written! 
Ugh! I knew it! The moment there was this invisible thingy and being ignored...*sigh* 

...why did he killed himself? any specific reason.... :(
I'm shocked... and tht does even explain wht I'm feeling

Love the way its written
That was brilliant. 
Well done. 

And thank you for doing the challenge I did cry when I read you story. 
I knew you would write something great.

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