~My Sweet and Funny One-Shots~

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FluffyBunny By FluffyBunny Updated 2 years ago
These are my PG13 oneshots. Since Wattpad marked all of my oneshots as Private, these were the only ones they would give back to me so that I could keep them on my page. All of them are in the LGBT category, mostly boyxboy. Enjoy! <3

I will post a link on my about me to the first story on my privated oneshots. There, you should be able to read them all.
Tarakona Tarakona 3 months ago
This is an amazing and touching poem, your sister is truly talented. This is very much how I feel...
_WeyHey_Horan _WeyHey_Horan a year ago
Its so sad :''( , I honestly didn't see that one coming! 

I know how that feels. When people tell me that liking girls is just a faze or when they say that it's not right and that Christians can't be gay it hurts so much.
kaykay23 kaykay23 a year ago
aawww thats sad but sweet in a way tell her i said cheer up
society along with life is a b****
1lollipop2logic3 1lollipop2logic3 a year ago
so sad! It sort of wished I didn't read that, now I'm all depressed :(
Read_write_live Read_write_live a year ago
OH MY GOD! WHAT?! NOOOO!...why would you do this to me! I didn't even see that coming! I seriously cried out at my phone at the last part! Good story! Depressing T.T but good (: