The Unholy War

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_edgexhead2035 By _edgexhead2035 Updated 2 years ago
Colt Woelfe has spent his entire life fighting and killing humans. It's in his blood, that unnatural blood that dubbed him a werewolf from the day that he was born. Born to two werewolves, Colt is dedicated to wiping out the humans and vampires so that the werewolves can rein eternal. Dubbed as an Beta, Colt spends his limited days killing anything that he can find: humans and vampires alike. Only 20 years old, Colt sworn on his life that he would find the vampires that killed his parents when he was 10... Until he meets Violetta Marbury. Violetta and Colt's lives are forever intwined when Colt realizes that he has a big brother: his demon brother Misha is in love with Violetta, Colt is the vessel for Lucifer, and everybody, including The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, is after Colt. Violetta and Misha are forced to team up to save Colt's soul and life. Alongside Violetta and Misha, Colt realizes that there are creatures out there that are more evil than himself...
HotCheetoz HotCheetoz 2 years ago
Aaaaah this is sooo crazy--in a good way ! Misha is creepy and I hope Violetta and Colt get together...:)