Educational Experience

Sent back to high school as a condition of probation, a teenage "adult entertainment" tycoon falls in love with a disillusioned high school teacher.
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Super chapter - lots of great character development for Colton and LeeAnn.

Like the punch of the action sequence and subsequent, chaotic fall-out.  

- This story is really sucking me in!! If it was an actual book , I wouldn't be able to put it down . I'm really enjoying this :)
Cynthia, another good chapter! Well done!! Voted!!!!! :)

Paragraph 7 on the first page of chapter 3, ''tey'' should be ''they'' ??
here because of your article on Huffington Post- this is a brilliant first chapter. I wish i had your courage to put my work up !
I love the voice of your character it's so real and I love it already! you are very talented!
I love the style, I love the voice you have as a writer it just flows so beautifully and I am hooked. This is fantastic, well done. I look forward to more!

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