How Everything Changed......*A MB Love Story*

Cali, Asia, Paris, and Dallas has been best friends ever since them could crawl. Nothing can tear them apart. But what happens when everything changes in a instant flash? Is it good or bad? A life or death situation? Nobody knows. Except the one that caused it all. Its rape, deaths, love, cheats, fights, But they still stand tall.........
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personality: funny, silly,smart ,unique, active , twerking machine lol
 unique talent :singing /dancing.
mb boy: Ray Ray or Princeton .
favorite color: yellow ,blue and pink!
PersoNality: wierd crazy loud cool with everybody ghetto big freak
Mb boy: I'm late so most likely there taken but can u add jawan Harris to the storie and I want him
Fav color : neon green
Personality: cool funny smart out going crazy and lives to Bec different
Favorite color blue 
Favorite MB Princeton
Age 15
Personality crazy fun party girl out going good advice giver good friend can go ghetto
Name- Aliyha Renee (Liyha) Person.- I am LOUD, and really funny, but when you mess with me you die. Age- 16 :) My talents- Singing, Dancing, cheer, and gymnastics :))
My is name cytia dannyel harris
My personality is that im a very goofy person and i know how to make people laugh
My age is 14
My talent id that i can sing,dance,rap,and play lots of instruments
Mb love is Princeton
My fav color is green

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Name Cali Miami Rodriguez
Location In My SKIN!!!!!:p
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