My Ex-Bully Louis Tomlinson kidnapped me (One Direction Fan-fiction)

Darcy was tortured all through elementary, middle school, and junior high by Louis Tomlinson who insisted on making her life hell. She thought when he graduated she'd be rid of him for good. But, nooo, he had to bcome famous and his fame seemed to mock her. The last thing she expects though is to be kidnapped by him and his bandmates. Will Darcy see that Louis has changed? Will she fall for a member of the band? Well duhhh. :) Enjoy
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i really hate to correct you here, but middle school and junior high are the same thing. just say high school
I dont like love triangles lol sorry its just that I think the band is gonna like fall apart in the ff of corse
Okay so I just sat and read this for like 2 hours .. When you next updating? I can't wait to read the next part :') x
Pleas update !! :) .x 
I really love this fanfiction so much actually !!!! i have no patience what-so-ever.. (/.\)
will you bloody update I have been waitin forever seriously !!!!!
or is the story finished? NO it can't be finished!!! xox
I'm sorry, but for some reason everyone writing threw, not through, pisses me off. 

But the story looks good.

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