My Ex-Bully Louis Tomlinson kidnapped me (One Direction Fan-fiction)

Darcy was tortured all through elementary, middle school, and junior high by Louis Tomlinson who insisted on making her life hell. She thought when he graduated she'd be rid of him for good. But, nooo, he had to bcome famous and his fame seemed to mock her. The last thing she expects though is to be kidnapped by him and his bandmates. Will Darcy see that Louis has changed? Will she fall for a member of the band? Well duhhh. :) Enjoy
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I run into all types of things such as walls, tables, and windows. Which is weird because I always laugh after it happens. LOL I'm So Clumsy.
That's from teen wolf. I was just watching it and Scott and Allison just broke up
how do they have all this material for her to get knocked out? it made me laugh and im liking the book! :)
He cut off her wrists and ankles!! Omg shouldn't she be dying from losing to much blood?
RAPE!!!!!!!!! Whenever my friends brother who i really hate touches me i scream rape. R-A-P-E SHES GUNNA GET RAPEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
@onedirection4liiife I've never in my entire life tried a twinkie, I know, I know I'm a disgrace.

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