My Sister's Boyfriend. {Gay Love Story}

Bryce is gay and Derek is straight. They have been best friends since birth, they have each others backs no matter what. Bryce and Derek rarely leave each others side. It doesn't matter if it's at school, the mall, a party, if one isn't there, the other isn't either. But that all changes when Derek finds an interest in Annie, Bryce's older sister. When Derek and Annie start dating, he practically forgets about Bryce, leading Bryce to turn to the new kid in town, Benny. But what happens when Derek realizes his feelings for Bryce? Will it be too late? I mean, Bryce and Benny may have fallen in love by then. Can Derek figure out his feelings in time to ask Bryce out or will he already be in love with Benny? {I'm horrible at these introduction paragraphs, but the book is much better! Read on c:} © Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved
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I don't think so. though I thought that was hilarious. no wonder why I hate school. HAHAHAHA
10 minutes?
Dude, it takes me one hour to get a small cheese pizza from Greko. ._.
I thought that said my mom is a dildo and the cool cat of PDA and I was like ............
I thought he was talking about this Derek for a second and I was like,
... Whaaaaaat? o.o
This reminds of the movie "Cinderella" on Disney channel that has Selena gomez in it
I am officially sick of botdf. My friend @makaylamurch is nonstop talks about it.

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