Grim (Watty Awards 2012)

Florence has an inescapable contract with Death himself, or 'Ginn', as she has come to know him. Now she must fulfill the contract, Reaping the souls of the dead. You tend to grow bored after a hundred years of Reaping, tired, even selfish. So what happens when Florence becomes angry with a boy who threw his life away? It will be something no Reaper has ever done before …
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I think there is some sort of spell on this book....I first didn't wanna read it but something drew me back to it....
Your trailer was rele good.. I rele like this book as it is sooo different! Look forward to reading more xx
Its very good! A really refreshing take on the afterlife but i think similar tothe storyline of 49 days but nonetheless its fantastic!! Congratulations!!
Wow, I rally love this! It's interesting and has a different voice from other stories and just wow.
@SpacerX Okay! Whenever you wanna make me it let me know! I really love that cover!!!! it looks like an author made it!!! Like real life authors!!!
This chapter is even better then the last!  All these characters are very interesting and well described.

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