One Night Stand

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_Unpredictable_13 By _Unpredictable_13 Updated 2 years ago
Paige Williams isn't pretty, isn't special, isn't important, and is definitely glad she is invisible to the high school population. 

After a night of run-ins with the popular kids at school, a few hours of passion, a blackmailing douche and it all ending with a bang. Everything is going to change for Paige and not for the good. 

Her virginity isn't all she'll lose.
NikhatShaikh NikhatShaikh 2 years ago
Could you please continue? i just started reading this story and its pretty cool! :)
AndreaCook239 AndreaCook239 2 years ago
u should make more parts b / c i love it and dont want to stop reading it lol :)
gibsy777 gibsy777 2 years ago
So I see you have changed the cover by any chance do you plan to right more of the story cuz I really wanna know what happens
jsonicc jsonicc 2 years ago
Ths seems like the only interesting book around right now . Wish you would continue
Rawra9 Rawra9 2 years ago
Loving the story so far and seriously cant wait for future updates :-D Hi im Atheerah. From Malaysia but currently living in Australia. So u can imagine u got one fan from two countries. Hehe. Cant wait! ;-)
PaigeKittyMarie PaigeKittyMarie 2 years ago
@SayThatAgain yeah! by a guy named Travis... only difference is he had a pic of me kissing Chase...