Rorschach Blots

Sev won't analyze why he wants to spank his teacher. mxm
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janey....ur bfs right there....
thts not scary..i really want to hurt someone.....yeeeaahh but not me
My face when Janey was touching him: O_e... I sensed weird vibes from that :/ 
My face once I got to the end: *-*
Sexy <3
hhahaha just stumbled upon this i gotta say pretty interesting like it when he says :' mr.duarte" oooh la la la la la spank me
Agh I can't eat or sleep if u cared at all about my health PLEASE UPDATE I CAN'T STAND THIS I CAN'T BREATHE OMG IT SOOOO GOOOD
Hmmm. Interesting as always. I'd really like to see where this go. Nice writing.
I absolutelty love how you cater to both my sweet, romantic side and my dark, kinky side <3

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