Harry Potter's Twin Sister

Harry Potter's twin sister, Semira Potter: Was kidnapped by a death eater when she was just a baby after her parents died. She was raised, by no other: Lucious Malfoy, so she knew herself her whole life as Semira Malfoy. Mysteriously, since the day she could remember, she had a heart shaped scar on her chest. One day, when Lucious receives a threat from the ministry for not putting Semira in school, she is taken to Hogwarts when she fourteen. On the same day, Dumbledore finds out who she is and she rejects. She soon learns that she really is a Potter, but won't accept it. What will she do when she is dragged in with Harry through crazy adventures and finding the man who betrayed her real family making her live with Malfoys. This is Harry Potter's Twin Sister's Story. ____________________________________________________________________________________ **FAN FICTION** EVERY CHARACTER BELONGS TO J.K ROWLING EXCEPT SEMIRA! :)
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YAAASSSSSSS I think that would be cute Serina and Draco sneaking around to see each other and kissing secretive
I love the intro but I'll continue reading tom by the way I would say I believe its not edited but why did I didn't saw it in the movie :-(
EEEEEEEEEEEP! I love these kinds of stories! I haven't read a fanfic and ages and obviously I'm a little rusty on comments. Don't worry, I'll get better!
i HATE that u have so many reads yet no one commented!!!!! THAT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH!!!!But this is a really good story!!!:)
"Haft to..."
I'm sorry but....it's HAVE to.
aaaah, that's why these types of sites annoy me, there's no proof-reading!
Did you know Semira is an Arabic name? (just saying, hehe)

your story is pretty interesting so far. keep on going!

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