My Fair Lady

Juliet Rosewood has never been one of the attractive young ladies whom gentlemen favour just liker her sister, Titania. Resigned to a life of being left of the shelf, she is ardently surprised when she catches the fancy of a handsome earl, Edmund Aughust at a masquerade ball. However, as she prepares to accept his hand for marriage after a brief courtship, someone unexpectedly attempts to sabotage her. Will the duo ever achieve happiness?
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Even though it's the first chapter it's already got me excited to read more,, you're a great writer :-)
Pretty good. Some sentences were a bit awkward. Remember to show, not to tell. How was Juliet's face eternally radiant even with her bloodshot eyes?
If their parents married because of love, why would their father take a mistress? o:
I'm so happy that you are back, we have missed this story!  The new Chapters are amazing(as usual) Vtd
I love this story!! One of my favorite stories eveeerr!! Keep up the good work! ^O^V
Came off wonderfully. And you say you're a beginner. People had it hard back then.

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