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_Freedomisnotatsale By _Freedomisnotatsale Updated 2 years ago
Monroe Greyhound is not someone to trust, not someone to believe, not someone to... hear? Inside his crazy mind questions fly unanswered, his past points out his failures and his... well lack of basically any kind of succes and when he thinks life will finally settle down, it turns upside down again. Cursed and now alone what will happen with his not so bright future? Or is it future at all?
xXDreamFollowerXx xXDreamFollowerXx 2 years ago
Very descriptive.  You feel like you are in his mind.  It's really good.  There's only a few spelling mistakes but other than that you're good.  It's interesting and deserves more reads.  I don't have any suggestions other than keep it up!
Cailin_Briste Cailin_Briste 2 years ago
I forgot to mention though that there are a few spelling errors that I noticed.
natalieandcarter natalieandcarter 2 years ago
I love your descriptions (: you certainly have an amazing talent for writing! I usually don't really enjoy this genre, but I totally am sucked into your story! Great job! :D
ravendru ravendru 2 years ago
This was a great first chapter,there was a few mistakes but they were minor :)
MysteriouslyRed MysteriouslyRed 3 years ago
Interesting start you described your character well by using that window scene :)
Brianator2000 Brianator2000 3 years ago
Nice Job bringing the characters to life! You really understand the rhetoric necessary to make it somewhere as a writer. I can't wait to continue this series!