Lips Sealed

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Kissmyoops3 By Kissmyoops3 Updated 2 years ago
McGrath, Alaska is a stereotypical small town. Tucked away in the middle of Alaska with a population of roughly 350, the townspeople are fairly familiar with each other. Things don't change in McGrath. And that's the way everyone likes it. 
Anne Carlson is finishing up her junior year in high school when a series of disappearances--always in three's--begins to occur. Her father, the part of the local police team, is putting in extra time to figure out what is behind the disappearances. Crime is rare in this town to begin with, and something of this escalation is unheard of. 
And what's even more strange are the two new boys that moved into the town. Dark, mysterious, and unfriendly, they keep the townspeople on edge and suspicious of their every move. Children stop and watch as they walk by, mothers warn their daughters not to mess with those people. But Anne Carlson just can't help it.
There's something strange going on. 
And she's got a burning curiosity.
But curiosity killed the cat, right?
kpgcatlover kpgcatlover 2 years ago
He scares me... Just a bit O_O and usually I don't get scared of a character that easily... *looks around empty room* I'm okay though :) xD
Kerin-chan Kerin-chan 2 years ago
Somehow, it reminds me of Twilight (: not in a bad way though! I'm starting to like this story.
cutecake cutecake 3 years ago
this has MAJOR potiential
it's like a real book & as descriptive as a movie :)
skyboat skyboat 3 years ago
At first, I thought the title said "Lip SALAD" then I realized it was sealed.. 

Imma go read it now. :)
ellabella201 ellabella201 3 years ago
What can i say? You can't impress me anymore because you are so impressive!
Poffium Poffium 3 years ago
When I read about Andy, I couldn't help but think about the internet meme of "one does not simply... get out of the friend zone." lol. Derek seems suspicious and I'm curious on how this will progress.