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“Mortality is the disease, and I’m the cure.” 

Rowan Platts is an aspiring Animal Behaviorist, working as an intern for the world renowned Doctor Phelps while finishing up her degree. She is top of her class, has squeezed herself in as Phelps’ right-hand woman, and is the pride of her friends and family.

Things can’t seem to go any better for Rowan, and when she gets the opportunity to take part in a ground breaking study alongside her mentor, she simply can’t refuse it, knowing that it will provide her with a stepping stone into a very successful career. 

She quickly realizes that she might have gotten herself in over her head though, when she is forced to sign a confidentiality contract with dire consequences if broken, and finds herself frequently stalked by tall men in sharp, black uniforms.

The security measures all make sense when Rowan finally finds out what the controversial and completely undisclosed subject of their study will be; a boy with striking blue eyes, unnatural body chemistry, and an uninhibited taste for human blood.
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This seems like it's going to be a great story. Looking forward to reading more in the future - nice to see a well-written vampire story on here!
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Love the story. Unfortunately I don't know how to read the chapters only for followers, and I am following. If anyone can help me that would be much appreciated.
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Not gonna lie I usually don't read vampire stories but I think this one may be completely different than the ones I usually find. It sounds like its gonna be a really good story.
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i dont know what i gonna say to this story but its so wonderful...and blaahhhhh...blahhhhh
i want to read more about this and i hope you will do it