Remember (GirlxGirl) Watty Winner

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She scoots the leather seat closer to the hospital bed and lays her head on the soft mattress. She puts her hands together and begins to pray. 
    It was hilarious. She has never pray before and she definitely didn’t go to church. After her mom died of cancer she just stopped believing. However, she knew if she lost this person in front of her she would not be able to live anymore. She wouldn’t have anything left.
    “Do you remember anything that happened tonight?”
    The woman in the hospital bed looks back at her confused and answers, “I’m sorry but who are you.”
    “This cannot be happening…This can’t be." The blonde squeezes her eyes shut. "Please tell me you remember!"
I almost swallowed my lollipop, d^amn I didn't see that coming
Especially when I work in a song reference that's when you know it's good
You know it's gonna be a good story when @KataChu is commenting lol
Haha omg I thought I was like the only one that watched once upon a time it's so awesome
i think this is story is goona be a good one... very interesting and i can't wait to read the next chapter...
LMAO GUARDS. WHAT. All I could think of was Cora or Regina Mills. I'm dying.