Arranged Marriage

A lot of people. A lot of drama. An Arranged marriage. Young love. Car accidents. Betrayal. Cheating. Ex's. Mistakes. Ruthless fairytales. When will it all end? Was it ever meant to be? Or was it all really a mistake? A/N The grammer and plot contained in this story are not good-at all. Whatsoever. Don't give me a hard time about it. I was going through a rough patch in my life while writing it. I don't have the time to edit this, but I feel the need not to delete it, considering all the votes and comments I have. Also for the fact that this was my first story.
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That was brutal! :O What kind of cruel fantasy world is this set in?! Nonetheless, this is very well written, I'll be reading on when I have more time!
@AlexLovesLife if you slacked in this chap, I couldn't tell. I thought it was really good. I can feel the intensity building and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! XD
omg her mother is freaking crazy! poor ang...poor mike! i can tell this is going to get very good, very quickly

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