The Alpha Seduced Me

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Telnisha Haymond By Telnisha Haymond Updated 4 months ago
(Warning sexual content) 
"Get on the bed." His deep husky voice reached my ears sending shivers of desire up and down my spine. "H-huh?" I stuttered like a fool backing up until my back hit the wall. "Get on the bed Abby," he growled making me weak in the knees. I kept my eyes on him as I walked over to the bed and laid flat on my back. "Open your legs." I obeyed him and opened my legs. "Wider Abby!" he growled. I moaned and opened my legs as wide as they could go. "Do you know how long I've been waiting to taste you?" he purred, climbing on to the bed. "I'm going to eat you Abby, and you're going to enjoy every second of it." Before I could say anything his wet mouth was on my...... There are many grammar and errors so read at your own risk just don't bitch about it. There's also a plot and not just sex.
now I have a double bed and a new mattress and I'm loving it.
@Sh00tingStar Nice I have family down there. I live ibid Missouri.
@Princess_and_Angel Yeah you're right because I live in Texas
I have a king sized bed right next to a twin and I still roll off
this is my life. like a mirror image...hehe mirrors are weird.
The book is amazing but the grammar is horrendous like.. Wow lol