A Little Bit of Love/Hate (One Direction and Harry Styles)

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ThoseRaeChicks By ThoseRaeChicks Updated 3 years ago
Meet Sam Collins. She's the tiny, blue eyed girl that captured Harry Styles' heart when they were only fifteen. Of course, it wasn't easy. The two had everything completely wrong. They would fight, flirt, and then fight again, but that didn't stop them. Just before Sam and Harry are about to part ways they finally admit their feelings for each other. When Harry and Sam are both back in Holmes Chapel with old and new friends will they be able to continue their short romance, or will someone get in the way? Follow Sam and Harry as they go through the ups and downs of a love/hate relationship to see what becomes of their unlikely romance.
xAnnaElizabethx xAnnaElizabethx 2 years ago
@inlouwethrust69 hahahah loooove the name, that is amazing! LOLLL! And sooo true! So far so good!
choumba99 choumba99 2 years ago
holy shiz... what is the picture you used on you cover... i'm so lost, I can't even...