The Nightshade Wolves

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Sky and Caden Davis are twins with a secret...their werewolves. They think they are the only ones, they don't know anything about werewolves or that they are the legendary Nightshade Wolves. No one has seen any in over 200 years. When their parents die they must move in with their parents best friends, who they have only meet a coupke of times- the Banes. The Banes have 7 kids and their all boys plus werewolves. Will Sky and Caden be able to keep their secret? and will Sky fall for any of the boys?
Xx_Aleigha_xX Xx_Aleigha_xX 11 months ago
I read the cheerleader and emo boy and wasn't it like Damon that was ubsesed with gummy bears and cookies idk lol I read that along time ago lol I LOVE THAT BOOK
Blonde_Mouse Blonde_Mouse 2 years ago
it has th sme names at the NightShade series....they were really good books...but ur plot is different so....cant judge..... i like all books so idc if they have thesame names...just thought u should know!!! :D