Defining Us (Completed, but editing) {Book 2 in DISCOVERING ME series}

**DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ AND COMPLETED 'DISCOVERING ME'.** "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself" - Harvey Fierstein Izzie, Milo, and the gang are in for a summer and senior year that will most likely shape the rest of their lives. Everyone is anxious to put their two cents into how each of their lives should go. Each one of them longs for the power to define themselves, rather than have the world do it for them. Will they live up to their dreams and expectations or fizzle out in the process? Find out in "Defining Us"!
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I just finished the first one and starting to read this one for the second time. I love your books!
You are such a great author. i hope you would have a sequel after this. you know, when Milo and Izzie will have their family and the rest of the gang as well.
Like I tld u being technologically challengd wid touchphone I apologize (she* has Finn)
Oh god I again embarrassed myself
I read 'discovering me' a day before my final exams and I loved it
Im glad you decided to write
AHHH! Sequel. I think I'm going to update my iPod now and read this till 1 in am the morning... Yep, it's a plan.
@ess1223 SO it wouldn't be something totally new! I had no idea that that this sequel's beginning book was a spin-off! Good to know :D

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